About Us

Medijuana Express offers high quality cannabis products to adults for their own personal medicinal or recreational use. Our vision is to discreetly provide hassle-free access and Canada-Wide shipping of cannabis products to all adult users 19 years old and over all across Canada. Our mission is to fulfill our vision while encouraging users to consume cannabis products safely and responsibly for a positive experience.

Medijuana Express provides a variety of authentic and superior quality Indica, Hybrids, and Sativa strains that come directly from British Colombian micro-growers. We sell small batches with limited supply at competitive prices. Get information about the quality and benefit of each product by clicking on the product image under SHOP on our website.


Our Core and Guiding Principles:

  • Canada has legalized cannabis products. Consequently we believe that all adults 19 years old and over who choose to use should be able access the products hassle-free using accountability as a guiding factor.
  • With our first principle in mind, we believe all cannabis consumers should use in a safe and wise manner using responsibility as a guiding factor.
  • We believe our service must be a discreet and welcoming experience for all our customers and enquirers using a professional and knowledgeable framework.
  • We believe and adhere to customer confidentiality and privacy at all times as a core policy to strengthen our commitment of our discreet and welcoming experience each of our customers.
  • We believe and guarantee that all of our cannabis products must be both authentic and of premium quality.
About Us