Medijuana Express is dedicated to shipping out your purchased product as soon as possible. Once your payment has been received, we will promptly confirm your age, your address and your order.

Medijuana Express uses Canada Post Express to ship out the orders to its customers.

Canada Post Express normally takes 1 to 3 business days, excluding statutory or provincial holidays. Please remember to place your order within enough time before any holiday to guarantee it arrives at your confirmed address without any delays.

Yes. A tracking number will be provided to you through email as soon as your purchased order has been processed and shipped out.

Once your order, payment, age and address have been confirmed, we ship it out to prevent delays and for your convenience. Therefore, you cannot cancel or change your order after it has been processed and shipped out to you.

Medijuana Express values its customers and visitors. If you have a complaint, please contact our representative by telephone at 416-566-8396 or by email at We review all complaints attentively and will reply as soon as possible.

Yes. We will use our discretion to determine if a refund will be permitted.

No. Medijuana Express does not accept medicinal use documents and does not fill out prescriptions. Also, Medijuana Express does ­not give any medical advice to its visitors and/or customers. Medijuana Express recognizes, without endorsing, the visitor’s and/or customer’s choice to use.

Medijuana Express holds all customer confidentiality and privacy as an important policy principle. We never share customer personal information. Please read question ‘Can I choose to become a Medijuana Express member?’ for further information. Please also read our Policy for more information.

Yes. When you enter the Medijuana Express website and after verifying your date of birth, you can sign up and sign in as a member or enter only as a visitor. When you are a member the information you provide us to process your order will be kept confidentially and securely to respect your privacy. Members’ information will help process your order faster and easier since you will not have to re-enter your information. You can ­­always cancel your membership and your personal information will be completely destroyed.

If you enter the Medijuana Express website as a visitor after verifying your age, you will still need to provide us your personal information to process your order. Your personal information is completely destroyed after the order is processed. Note that as a visitor you will need to enter your personal information each and every time you place an order.

Medijuana Express will never sell to anyone under the age of 19. To ensure that our customers are adults 19 years old and over, we take careful steps and will require that all visitors and customers to our website verify their age before site entry, verify age once more when placing an order and require a signature as age verification at the customer’s address upon receiving the order.

No. Medijuana Express will never accept either medical documents or prescriptions. We do not offer medical advice or suggestions or complete prescriptions. We believe the decision lies solely on our customers to choose to consume cannabis responsibly and at their discretion respectfully.

Medijuana Express believes that all cannabis products users should keep responsibility and safety as a guide in how and when to use the products.  We recognize that it is the visitor’s and/or customer’s choice to use cannabis. This is one of our core principles. However, we also strongly believe it is user’s responsibility to educate themselves in the best and safest ways to use cannabis products while respecting and being mindful of their environment, minors and pets, homes and communities (e.g. using cannabis products in the presence of minors and pets or when operating a vehicle or machinery at any time).