1. Medijuana Express will not sell or provide any service to any underage or non-adult visitor or enquirer. All customers and visitors must be an adult 19 years old and over.
  2. Medijuana Express will provide discreet and confidential services to its customers at all times and as part of the customer’s welcoming experience.
  3. Medijuana Express adheres to customer privacy and confidentiality. Therefore Medijuana Express does ­not share any customer personal information.
  4. Medijuana Express will destroy all visitors’ personal information after each visit to the Medijuana Express website and/or after each inquiry. Medijuana Express will also destroy completely all personal information when a customer requests it, and/or when a customer cancels his or his membership and/or if a breach of any conditions set forth under the Terms and Conditions and Policies.
  5. Medijuana Express will promptly process all orders after payment is received and all customer personal information has been confirmed.
  6. Medijuana Express is not responsible for any delays of orders that may incur due to any Canada Post strikes and/or statutory and provincial holidays. Please read FAQ ‘How long does it take for me to receive my placed order?’
  7. Medijuana Express cannot cancel any placed order once it has been processed and shipped out to the customer.
  8. Medijuana Express will consider any refund upon Medijuana Express discretion.
  9. Medijuana Express is not responsible if the customer is not able to be present to sign for the order at the time it arrives at the customer’s address provided for shipping.
  10. Medijuana Express is not responsible for any errors on the customer personal information that the customer provides, including full, complete and accurate name, date of birth, and complete address (apartment, street number and name, city, province, and postal code).